Sound Design and Music Editorial by Eric Wegener

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Film - Television - Video Games - Short Films - VR - Advertising - Web


Sound Design

As a sound designer, editor, mixer, foley artist, and field recordist, I have a holistic approach to audio for picture. My goal is to create a seamless environment with every auditory element, one that not only supports the image and story, but enhances them in a way that is intriguing, believable and memorable. With your project’s unique needs and opportunities in mind, I will ensure that you receive the highest quality audio treatment possible, and will do so with passion, professionalism and dedication.


Music Editorial

As a music editor, my goal is to ensure that the music is represented in its best possible way, one which honors the intent of the composer and enhances the narrative. I take pride in my organization, efficiency and creative problem solving, and strive to facilitate the creative process at every step. Whether you're a composer or director, my priority is to help you and your project's music shine to the best of my ability.

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